Absinthe Night Sept 2013 3

I was laying in bed with Aaron and my Kindle Fire when it came to me: try Lucid! It’s a brand of absinthe that I run across every time I Google image search the word “lucid”. Absinthe has always sounded like an exciting drink to try. We decided hey, why not now?

Our knowledge of the drink was very limited. Aaron’s impression of the beverage originated from the movie “Get Him to the Greek” in which there is a wild, hallucinatory scene depicting absinthe consumption and petting furry walls. My interest stemmed from how many well-known creative types have been drinkers of absinthe (Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Ernest Hemingway, Toulouse-Lautrec, Modigliani, among others). It is a spirit which is surrounded by a romantic and artistic aura. I love this poster, this painting by Edgar Degas, and wow, Marilyn Manson owns his own brand now too!

We looked up Lucid absinthe and determined to buy it the next day. But, in our travels around town to different spirit shops the only available brand was Vieux Carre from Philadelphia. Beautiful bottle. I still love the Lucid bottle and want to try it one day.

Absinthe Night Sept 2013 2


Our honest review: yuck! But, to be fair I must add that I’m pretty sure we will never like the taste of any brand of absinthe ever! The anise and fennel is so strong -neither of us find those to be pleasurable flavors. We did however, enjoy getting a mild buzz on and laughing at each other for holding our breath during sips and downing potato chips afterwards! We are not the classiest folk!

Absinthe Night Sept 2013 4

I felt like my buzz was sharper and more crisp than compared to wine, beer, and liquor consumption. Also, we both really enjoyed the ritual of preparing the drinks with slotted spoon on top of the glass, holding a sugar cube, then dripping chilled water over it. As the water enters the spirit, the liquid gets cloudy and the flavors in the drink loosen up. We had gone earlier in the day to a thrift store where we found the best glasses we could for the beverage known as “The Green Fairy”. <—! another reason to love/hate absinthe ! We used a slotted serving spoon this time, but in the future we do want to purchase some actual absinthe gear just for fun. Check out these awesome sets, here, here, and here.

More photos from the night we met The Green Fairy…

Absinthe Night Sept 2013 6


Absinthe Night Sept 2013 5

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